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Published Date: 2010/4/7 17:57:48
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Contractor Rules
The Board of Directors of Lighthouse Harbor Condominium Association, Inc has the full authority to enforce the following Rules and Regulations for Contractors:

1. Contractors will be allowed on the property Monday through Friday, 8:15 AM to 4:45 PM. Saturday work requires written approval from LHCA President. There is a $130 minimum charge for Saturday work which covers the first four hours. Additional time required for Saturday work shall be paid to Lighthouse Harbor in the amount of $32.50 per hour. Contractors are explicitly denied access on Sunday. Unit Owners and Lessees must abide by the Contractor Rules. Contractors must register with the Facility Manager upon arrival and departure each day and be assigned a photo identification badge prior to performing any work on the premises. Contractors providing services for less than one day will be assigned a temporary badge. If badge is not returned a $25 charge will be applied. Contractors performing services for more than one consecutive day must place $25 deposit for each badge assigned, payable via check or money order only. Contractors or service providers who do not return their badges will not be permitted entrance onto the property thereafter and will forfeit their deposit. Housekeepers and other domestic service providers who are given a key to Owner/Lessee’s Unit or who have Owners present during their stay will not be required to check-in nor obtain identification badges.

2. No Parking of contractor vehicles inside of the garage. The loading and unloading of vehicles is permitted only.

3. $1,000,000. Liability / $250,000 workmen’s compensation certificates are to be supplied to the Facility Manager from the agent before any work is to be allowed. Certificate of insurance must name LHCA, Property One and East Bank Levee District. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Cutting of any materials on any common decks and limited common balconies is not allowed. Cutting may only be performed in unit or designated area in garage. See Facility Manager for this information.

5. No cleaning of paint, sheetrock or cement materials on property. These materials must be removed as they are accumulated.

6. All common areas are to be kept clean (walkways, elevators, garage), owner/lessee will be charged $32.50 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum for any cleanup deemed necessary. All contractor trash materials are to be removed from property on same day (i.e. paint cans, boxes, old fans, etc). Contractors are not permitted to use the Lighthouse Harbor garbage chute dumpsters.

7. All water shut offs require at least a 24 hours notice and approval.

8. All gates are equipped w/alarms and are not to be jammed open. Anyone doing so will be immediately and permanently banned from the building.

9. Contractors to provide their own material, equipment and carts. LHCA baskets shall not be used by contractors.

______________________(print) a representative of _________________________(print) acknowledge and agree that all work and workers will abide by these Contractor Rules.

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